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The Young Adult Guidance Center, (YAGC) is an accredited, community-based, 501 ©(3), non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of runaway, homeless, displaced, and other “at-risk” youth and young adults through the provision of a broad array of services and supports. Located in Northwest Atlanta, Georgia, YAGC serves approximately 500 youth and young adults each year through its various programs and initiatives.

The emergency shelter/ transitional living program services homeless, runaway, and displaced young males, ages 14-24 throughout the Atlanta Metropolitan area. This program serves as a cornerstone—reuniting our youth with their families and helping them attain the necessary skills to en-ter society and be self-sufficient. In 2015, YAGC provided over 70 health referrals and over 500 hair cuts to these consumers.

The DFCS/DJJ youth housing program provides room and board, structure, and a goal-oriented environment to youth under custody of the Department of Family and Children Services and the Department of Juvenile Justice equipping them with the necessary tools to enter the workforce and/or pursue a college education.

House of Pride is an independent living program for homeless LGBTQ youth ages 18-22. The program creates an environment where residents have an increased sense of safety; improved well being; improved self-sufficiency; and increased number of long term relationships. With housing services, youth are also provided with wrap around services including case management and referral access to social services, welfare, legal ser-vices, medical and mental health care, and HIV/STD prevention and consolation.

09:00 am - 05:00pm

Watchful Oversight (DFCS/DJJ)

Independent Living Program

KidsLink Behavioral Health Program

Emergency/Transitional Housing

All donations help pay for the cost of living for the displaced youth we serve.

YAGC 30th Anniversary Celebration

Out of the Darkness, Into The Light

The Helene S. Mills Senior Multipurpose 515 John Wesley Dobbs Avenue

Atlanta, GA 30318

KidsLink provides Mental health services for youth with behavioral health issues; services include initial assessments, crisis intervention, community support intervention, and group, individual, and family therapy..

Congradulations to one of our own for successfully  graduating from the Military Advanced Leader Course.  Ryan Green tied for 2nd overall. 

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Every 2nd Sun. 4PM on 1480 WYZE

"Our Youth Speak" YAGC                 Radio Broadcast

Born December 15, 1937 in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Jacquelyn Ponder grew up in the Atlanta Hunter Hill community.  Married to Billie J Ponder for 61 years and have one son, two daughters, six grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. 

Dr. Ponder grew up in the Sunday School and Baptist training Programs of the church.  Over the years has served in many capacities, such as Sunday school Teacher, Director of vacation Bible School; Institutional Director; Youth Council Organizer and President; Seminar and Workshop Organizer and Instructor; Editor of the church newsletter; and Director of Christian Education of Christian Education.  Has served as the Youth Advisor in the Mount Calvary Association; served as Director of Christian Education at Mid-Way Missionary Baptist Church; served as an assistant pastor at Community Fellowship Christian Center, Inc.  Pastor Ponder is Founder and Pastor of In Jesus Name Church in Senoia Georgia.

Just a few of Dr.Ponder's civic activities include:  former Girl Scout Leader, VP of the Board of Paradise Church Academy, the Educational Committe of Project Atlanta-Crim Cluster Academy, Preesident Jimmy Carter's Project, memeber of the Butler Street YMCA and the Southerneastern YMCA and serves as a board member of the Young Adult Guidance Center, Inc. (an emergency shelter for teens and young adults.

It is always amazing to see how youth excel when provided the opportunity. Our programs do just that - allow youth to excel.  For more information please contact us.

YAGC Sky is the Limit Art Collection

The YAGC Sky is the Limit Art Collection is a YAGC initiative/gundraiser being held in September 2017.  The Artist who will be presenting are as follows: Tony Wingfield, Marion Simpson and Ryan Johnson. The agency will be selling prints in September 2017.  For more information please contact the YAGC.

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