Growing & Saving Lives

Established in 1986, Young Adult Guidance Center YAGC has established over 35 years of strong collaboration support with other outside community organizations and agencies like local Schools, Hospitals, and Social Service Agencies. Most of whom make numerous referrals of consumers in need of our services annually.



The Young Adult Guidance Center, Inc.’s mission is to empower young people to be great. YAGC effectuates this mission by providing young people with prevention, intervention, and educational training offerings that aim to comprehensively address their individual needs.

Our organization believes that honor, truth, trust, and integrity are the most important ingredients in any relationship.

The YAGC vision is for young people to be successful, healthy, and economically secure adults who will serve as role models for the next generation.

We believe this will help to break the inter-generational cycle of poverty, despair, or chaotic circumstances that may be present in their lives.

Embracing Possibilities


The Young Adult Guidance Center's agency is governed by a volunteer board of directors with a membership of nine officers. The group is made up of dedicated community citizens. Teachers, Social Workers, lawyers, and Ministers who conduct quarterly meetings. The members serve on the following (4) committees: Executive committee, Finance and Fundraising Committee, Program Evaluation Committees, and Personnel Committee.

The characteristics of the population served are male and female young adults residing or found homeless in Fulton County.

Our consumers ranged from ages 12-26 years of age. YAGC provided case management, counseling, mentoring and mental assessment to consumers while on an annual caseload.