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The Young Adult Guidance Center, Inc.'s (YAGC) mission is to empower young people to be great. YAGC effectuates this mission by providing young people with prevention, intervention, and educational/training offerings that aim to comprehensively address their individual needs.


The Young Adult Guidance Center's vision is for all young people to be successful, stable, healthy, and economically secure adults that will serve as role models for the next generation, helping to break the inter-generational cycle of poverty, despair, and chaotic circumstances ever-present in their lives.


The Young Adult Guidance Center, Inc. was started in 1986 by Marion L. Simpson, a career social worker. Having worked with youth in residential programs, Mr. Simpson noticed a critical service gap for older male youth.  Males who were 16 or 17 could not accompany their families into family shelters because they were considered a safety risk. Although they were unable to be admitted into the family shelters, they were still too young to be admitted into adult shelters. There was also an entire population of young people, primarily males, who had aged out of the foster care and juvenile justice system. Once these young people turned 18, they were no longer in state custody and left without a support system or the tools needed for success. Mr. Simpson founded the Young Adult Guidance Center to fill this void.