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The Young Adult Guidance Center focuses on non-residential intervention, prevention, and educational/training offerings. Our Supportive Services Outreach Initiative provides a wide-range of supportive services for disadvantaged young people, most of which are homeless, at-risk of homelessness, or re-entering society after being released from jail or prison. These young people usually lack education, stable employment, and support systems. We work these youth to assess their needs and develop tailored service plans to help them achieve success.

Our specific services include:

  • educational/vocational training assistance
  • employment skills
  • training and job placement assistance
  • mental health/substance abuse counseling/treatment
  • physical health care
  • life and parenting skills training
  • direct client assistance
  • mentoring, and other supportive services all facilitated by intensive case

We stress education, employment, self-discipline, and counseling to help participants improve their present circumstances. Services are provided in-house by YAGC staff or via referral with collaborative partners.

YAGC Events


Virtual Job Fair

December 8th, 2020 at 1:00 pm

The Young Adult Guidance Center, Inc. (YAGC) is excited to host its first Virtual Job Fair (VJF) for formerly incarcerated community members. The YAGC believes in investing in the future of those that are ready to make a change and take advantage of their second chance at achieving their goals. Through our VJF we aim to provide individuals with the opportunity to connect with major companies, learn valuable employment information, and offer on the spot interviews. This event aligns with our goals  for our Second Chance for Success Mentoring Program. The YAGC Second Chance program provides reentry services to youth and young adults transitioning out of incarceration and looking to make a positive change in their lives. To learn more about our Second Chance for Success Mentoring Program please call or email us at (404)257-6412 or info@yagc.net


To register for the Virtual job fair, please click the button below rto complete the registration form. Once you have completed the registration form you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. We look forward to having you join us!

Tips On Preparing For A Job Interview!

  • Dress the part! Always dress professionally for job interviews or meetings with potential employers.
  • Know your audience! Interviews are a two-way experience. It is important that you research the company you are interviewing with to make sure the job will be a good fit.
  • Be prepared! Take time to prepare for your interview ahead of time by updating your resume and choosing questions that you would like to ask the employer.
  • Practice makes perfect! The best way to get rid of interview jitters is to practice answering interview questions. You can do this by looking up interview questions or asking someone to interview you for practice.

Share Your Feedback

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